Using Evidence Authentically with Atlassian

Selectively picking and applying information may temporarily take something off your plate, but using evidence authentically lets problems truly be solved. Learn strategies from Atlassian that show the whole picture and cut to the heart of a problem.

Why Atlassian?

Atlassian is a unicorn software company whose products transform the way that teams work.

A leader in Australia’s technology industry, they grapple with many of the same questions that teachers face: How do we learn best? What might the work look like in the next ten years and beyond? What can we do now to best prepare for that future? Join Atlassian as they share their learnings and strategies to confront these questions head on.

hr of professional learning
What you'll learn
  • Understanding available evidence
  • Authentic use of evidence
  • Problem definitionWidening questions
  • Root cause analysis with the 5 Whys

What to Expect

"When I think of Creatable I think of a company that links industry to education and creates outstanding resources to challenge traditional educational structures to benefit the future of students and the future of education."
Amy Mugridge
HSIE Teacher
Cowra High School
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Person's Name
Job Title
School or Company
"I found the format really appealing, enjoyed watching the videos and found the prompts thought provoking and relevant."
Natasha Wilkins
Primary Teacher
"Short, but well-produced. Focused on meaningful questions that were relevant, and important."
Shireen VanBuskirk
Science Teacher
Heatherton Christian College

Listen to Dot 2 Dot with Rydr Tracy

Collaborative Problem Solving with Atlassian
Rydr chats with Atlassian’s Work Futurist, Dominic Price, about setting the foundations for great collaboration, why busyness is our worst distraction and using innovation as an outcome, not a goal.

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