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Bridging The Skills Gap

The world of work is constantly evolving. How can you help your students foster the skills employers are looking for?
Get students future-ready

We support you to build the skills your students need to succeed in life beyond school. Creatable professional development courses include strategies, techniques and engaging practical activities for embedding these skills in any classroom.

Creatable’s unique skills framework is:

  • Inspired by leading global companies
  • Underpinned by academic literature
  • Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Explore the skills below


Collecting reliable and relevant information, then analysing it to inform a position or guide an action.


Collect information, analyse information, data literacy, critical, bias, sources of information

Find out more about why the skill of being evaluative is important.


Intentionally impacting others to shape the way people act or how things work.


Persuasive, compelling, deliberate, confident, well-timed, intentional, clarity, communication


Awareness of context, and adjusting behaviour to utilise surroundings.


Contextual awareness, self-perception, active listening, emotional intelligence, evolving behaviour, observant, awareness of others


Knowing when to keep pushing past difficulties, when to adjust, and when to stop.


Resilient, Committed, Balanced, Evidence-driven, Open-minded

Find out more about why the skill of perseverance is important.


Sympathising with others and wanting to alleviate their suffering or problem.


Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Altruistic, Empathetic, Eagerness to act


Creating something novel without any input that achieves an intended purpose.


Inventive, Creative, Contriving, Resourceful, Outcome-focused, Purposeful, Problem solving

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