With Rydr Tracy

Creatable Future with Rydr Tracy is about connecting industry to the classroom.

An education podcast for teachers that shines light on industry practice and connects it to the classroom. You'll hear directly from industry leaders about their strategies and successes. Our host Rydr Tracy explores how this translates into the classroom to improve the way we learn and teach. Bring your evaluative mindset and join us as we search and question ideas, concepts and ways of working.


In this episode Rydr speaks with Russel Howcroft, advertising expert, radio host and much loved panellist on the ABC series Gruen. They chat about knowing when to break the mould and why, the value of creative thinking in nurturing balanced students and the surprising parallels between advertising and education.
In this episode Rydr sits down with international poker player and the first Australian to win a world poker series, Joe Hachem. They talk about evaluating social dynamics, collecting, analysing and using data in a poker game and the power of listening.
In this episode, Rydr chats with Michelle Schuberg, Ceo of Curiious about the metaverse, how students are already using it, its classroom applications and why critical thinking is the most important skill to keep up with new and evolving technology.
In Part 2 of Rydr’s conversation with Dr Duncan Rintoul, Director at Rooftop Social, they chat about how to incorporate evaluation in time effective ways, why targets for target sake can be dangerous and how best to nurture evaluative skills in students.
In this new mini series, Rydr explores the critical skill of Evaluation with Dr Duncan Rintoul, director at Rooftop Social; research, evaluation and capacity building consultancy. They chat about how educators can leverage evaluative skills in their practice, opportunities for reflection cycles in schools and why faking it to make it does more harm than good in evaluative practice.
In this episode Rydr chats with parth Gulati, Group Product Manager (Wallet) at Finder. They talk about the value of an entrepreneurial mindset in addressing societal change and how to handle Financial Tech like cryptocurrency in the classroom.
In this Episode Rydr Chats with Sam Koslowski, Cofounder of youth led news organisation, The Daily Aus. They chat about the importance of short form communication, encouraging media literacy skills in students and how to navigate the revolving door of social media platforms as a teacher.
In this first episode of Season 3, Rydr Chats with Angelique Wan, co-founder and CEO of Consent Labs about her journey to innovate the consent education sector. They talk about the importance of working from a strong evidence base when forging new educational pathways, overcoming self doubt and effective ways to involve parents and community in new learnings. and effective ways to involve parents and community in the learning journey.
In this episode, Rydr is joined by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Assessment at the Australian Council for Education Research, Dr Catherine McClellan. They chat about the problem with “teaching to the test", why teachers are strained by formalised testing and how assessment can help innovate education to become more individualised.
In this episode Rydr chats with Creative Head at Google Asia Pacific, Tara McKenty. They discuss how Tara works in consultation and co-creation with minority communities in her projects, the importance of representation in education and why diversity is not just a buzzword.
This week Rydr chats with Chief Creative Officer at Deloitte Digital, Matt Lawson, about the important distinction between creativity and artistry, how to foster creativity through curiosity and the unlikely pragmatism of creative problem solving.
This week Rydr chats with Chief Data Officer and Head of Product at Afiniti, Dr Caroline O’Brien, about the future of Ai in education, the relevance of fundamental skills amongst new technology and the power of adaptability.
In this week’s episode, Rydr speaks with Global Engagement and Partnership Manager at the United Nations Development Programme, Boaz Paldi. They chat about forming meaningful partnerships, why global problems require global solutions and how to effectively communicate climate change without doom or gloom.
For our first episode of 2022, Rydr spoke with Dr Vanessa Pirotta; wildlife scientist and science communication extraordinaire. They chat about connecting science in the “real” world to the classroom and engaging young women in STEM through representation.
Rydr takes a look back on the first season of Dot 2 Dot. He steps through the process of conducting meaningful review and reflection as an educator, discusses what part of the podcast worked well and teases some of the changes for next season (beginning term 1 2022)
This week Rydr chats with Hamish Pain, Head Engineer at Nakatomi, about idea diffusion and the Rocket Stove project for Burundi. They discuss searching for solutions in unlikely places, new ways of diagnosing root problems and being prepared to let go of ideas along the way.
This week Rydr chats with Stef Digianvincenzo, Creative Strategist at Facebook, about using technology as a tool for engagement and preparing the next generation to code kindly.
This week Rydr chats with Work Futurist at Atlassian, Dominic Price about setting the foundations for great collaboration, why busyness is our worst distraction and using innovation as an outcome, not a goal.
This week Rydr chats with Emily Gribble, Head of Philanthropy at Unicef Australia, about how Unicef overcomes the ever-changing complexity of their work, dealing with uncertainty and managing a high number of variables.

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