May 25, 2023

Our Vision Is in Our Name

I spent the first 3-4 years of Creatable teaching every day in the classroom. We created a high school creative technology program for girls mapped to the Stage 5 Design and Technology syllabus. Our goal at the time was to ignite a passion for creative technology in young women by teaching technology in the context of creativity and industry.

There were two mindsets that I came up against daily.

  1. “I’m not that creative.”
  2. “I’m not smart enough to do this.”

These beliefs were holding students back and they were constantly reinforced by our human tendency to compare ourselves to others. What they were really saying was: “I’m not as creative as her.”

We called ourselves Creatable because we were doubling down on the belief that every student is both creative and able. If creativity was a superpower, comparison was its kryptonite. The opportunity before us was to help students see how they were uniquely creative… and why.

We work with teachers because we believe they’re best equipped to help students discover and express their unique creativity and ability. This belief extends into our skill development framework.

Every student is imaginative.

Let’s help them discover how and why.

Every student is compassionate. They’re reflective, evaluative, perseverant and influential. Teachers are best equipped to help students discover what these attributes look like in their context, why they’re important and how they make a difference.

We’re for teachers. We believe in the profession of teaching and we believe in the life-long impact a great teacher has on their students. We’re here to empower the art of teaching as a deeply human endeavor. The tools will evolve but the underlying transferable skills remain. 

That’s why we do professional learning for teachers around these six skills, behaviours and attributes. The skills are fundamentally important in how we navigate the complexity of tomorrow and teachers are the key that will unlock their potential in the next generation.

Greg Attwells
Co-founder & Acting CEO

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May 25, 2023
Every student is creative and able. Teachers are best equipped to help them discover why.
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